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application/x-bzip2 - 16.2 MB - MD5: 4fd68b6fd71831874ebefff2a5e15410
MD velocities of (FAPbI3)0.875-(CsPbBr3)0.125. 4001 fs to 6020 fs.
application/x-bzip2 - 32.1 MB - MD5: 5eb3d23d6c4a7d06c395233c8a280e10
MD velocities of (FAPbI3)0.875-(CsPbBr3)0.125. 6021 fs to 10020 fs.
application/x-bzip2 - 1.5 MB - MD5: a0923f6a9ce3f0c7eff020f97bd200a2
Molecular dynamics stuff of FAPb(I0.875Br0.123)3
application/x-bzip2 - 149.8 MB - MD5: 72f5f4a54c6ca0bc4c61c30b5243325e
Molecular dynamics positions of FAPb(I0.875Br0.123)3
application/x-bzip2 - 104.2 MB - MD5: 477482da7469802e5b447d7769b586f4
Molecular dynamics velocities of FAPb(I0.875Br0.123)3
application/x-bzip2 - 2.0 MB - MD5: c3155ff31dc7104f8baf347301b77c2c
Molecular dynamics stuff of (FA0.875MA0.125)PbI3.
application/x-bzip2 - 199.8 MB - MD5: cad8e77cd544eba68ef02e3df450f6b1
Molecular dynamics coordinates of (FA0.875MA0.125)PbI3.
application/x-bzip2 - 138.8 MB - MD5: bd3789e829ba3161b1cd6ef92ab8ac5a
Molecular dynamics velocities of (FA0.875MA0.125)PbI3.
application/x-bzip2 - 2.2 MB - MD5: dd94256f59301de936f99ab3bbbe8bc1
Molecular dynamics stuff of MAPbI3.
application/x-bzip2 - 207.7 MB - MD5: e8cf554711b93c58e9eafbffa5967b6b
Molecular dynamics coordinates of MAPbI3.
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